Kelsey Zorc First Woman to Make SWAT Team on Treasure Coast

Tim Zorc’s niece, Kelsey Zorc, is the first woman to make the SWAT team on the Treasure Coast. “I was just ecstatic,” Kelsey, 30, recalled when she first heard the news.

SWAT team members respond to high-risk operations, including hostage rescues, drug raids and antiterrorism missions. Because of this, SWAT team members endure rigorous training before they can take part in the life or death situations a team faces regularly. Tryouts are designed to push recruits beyond their mental and physical limits. For most recruits, it’s overwhelming; many quit before the end of the tryout.

Born and raised in Vero Beach, residents recognize her last name that’s well known across the county. Kelsey’s late grandfather, Richard Zorc, was a contractor, entrepreneur and philanthropist in Indian River County. He started Richard Zorc & Sons Builders, Inc. and built homes across the county. Great Uncle Frank L. Zorc is a civic activist in Vero Beach. Her dad, Ken Zorc, runs the family business today with uncle and Indian River County Commissioner Tim Zorc.

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