Consultant with Terra Southern, LLC

Tim Zorc is the Owner and Senior Advisor of Terra Southern, LLC, specializing in entitlement consulting to business owners, builders and developers.

The consulting firm specializes in determining pathways to secure land entitlements from local, state and federal agencies. Simply put, land entitlements are a legal agreement between an individual or company and the governing municipality to allow the development to move forward with certain building requirements. Entitlements detail the use, function, density and setback requirements for a property.

Terra Southern, LLC also conducts detailed reviews of impact fees, a fee that is imposed by a local government on a new or proposed development to pay for a portion or all of the costs associated with providing public services to the new development, and growth management concurrency certificates. The overall goal of the reviews is to help establish credits and/or recovery of impact fees on new development projects.

Consultant with Market Equity Partners

As a new venture in 2017, Tim Zorc assembled a team and began a new consulting firm known as Market Equity Partners.

The team of industry experts and consultants work with lenders, REITs and individual property owners to help increase their real estate equity value. Market Equity Partners works with each individual or company to improve the property through hands-on management and targeted value-add initiatives.

These efforts often result in solid real estate equity returns and strong economic assets for the Treasure Coast communities.

Tim Zorc is a Trusted Consultant

Tim Zorc maintains an active leadership role through community based pro-business participation and was directly involved in defeating a moratorium on new construction and the refund of impact fees.

Tim’s vast knowledge, understanding and appreciation of the variety of local, state and federal land use and environmental regulations that limit the ability to use public and private lands keeps him keen to advise builders and developers alike in his consultant role.

Tim has also built experience and relationships in Washington DC by chairing Federal Environmental Committees and was part of the largest business environmental consortium “NESARC” – National Endangered Species Reform Coalition.

Hire Tim Zorc as a Consultant

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