Meet Tim Zorc – Consultant, Realtor,  Builder/Developer, Orphan Advocate

Highly involved across the Southeast US and Treasure Coast area, Tim Zorc continues what his family started over 100 years ago as a Realtor with Lambert Commercial Real Estate, Consultant with Terra Southern, LLC & Green Cool Infrastructure, Builder/Developer, Orphan Advocate.

What began in 1914 in the Zorc family continues to this day. The first property purchased by the family in 1914 included 10 acres along the North Fork of the St. Lucie River. From that initial purchase, the property grew to nearly over 10,000 acres with well-known operations such as Lazy “K” Ranch and Kerr Gift Fruit Company, as well as apartments, homes and business buildings built by Tim, his brother Ken and his father, Richard Zorc.

Richard Zorc & Sons Builders began building homes, warehouses, apartments and retail buildings along the Treasure Coast over 60 years ago.

As a licensed Realtor with Lambert Commercial Real Estate, Tim now continues what his great uncle AR Kerr started in 1914 by helping even more business owners and investors as a commercial specialist. With his extensive knowledge in mobile air emissions/urban heat island reduction, building/developing, commercial land use, entitlement and zoning, Tim Zorc is a trusted expert.

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