The Passion behind Christian Family Builders

Tim Zorc is an “Orphan Advocate.” This is a broad term, but in general, he has a heart for all children both domestic and overseas. In 2008, he formed Christian Family Builders a 501c(3), after hearing a segment on Focus on the Family about children in need. For several years, Tim conducted outreach events in the local community. Through these efforts, they have helped over 80 families become either adoptive parents or foster parents, and have helped raise thousands of dollars for the annual India blanket drive.

The Story behind Christian Family Builders



Tim learned the importance and significance of bringing a new member into the family at a young age.

During the late 1940s, Tim’s Uncle Rhea and Aunt Arlyne met a young man who had come to Fort Pierce to work with a local architect who was building a new home. However, after this young man and his three friends made it to town, the architect only needed three helpers, not four. The architect asked Tim’s great uncle, AR Kerr, if he needed any help at the Kerr Packing House.

After just a few days of this wonderful young man living and working at the packing house, AR Kerr and his wife invited the man to come live with them at their house, and the rest is an amazing history.

Once the young man hit his late 20s, he wanted a different path. With some encouragement from his new family, he enrolled at the UF School of Pharmacy and graduated in 1956. A few years later, he enrolled in the UF School of Medicine and graduated as a medical doctor (MD) in 1966.

This remarkable man was just as much a part of Tim’s family, and in many cases, was closer to the family than those who were directly related. Over the years, Tim and his family have stayed in touch with each of the man’s 3 children, even after he passed away in 2012.

The story of what Tim’s great aunt and uncle did for this man planted the seed in Tim to have a special place in his heart for those children, regardless of age, who need to have some place to call home.



Change a Child’s Life

If you would like resources on the importance of becoming a foster or adoptive parent/family, please reach out to Tim Zorc. Contact Christian Family Builders here.