Tim Zorc Attends UCF Coastal’s Latest Event with a Focus on the Indian River Lagoon

ucf-coastal-eventThis week Tim Zorc is attending a UCF Coastal event and setting his focus on all topics related to the Indian River Lagoon. Some of the local presenters at this important event include Duane DeFreese, Ph.D., who runs the local Indian River Lagoon Council, and Congressman Bill Posey.

As many of us in the Vero Beach and Indian River County area know, the health of the Lagoon is declining. With major health factors impacting the Indian River Lagoon, it takes more than local residents, city officials and county officials to raise awareness and attempt to correct the issue.

The University of Central Florida’s National Center for Integrated Coastal Research, or UCF Coastal, is helping Indian River County tackle this problem. The organization is bringing together engineers, biologists, chemists, public policy experts and others to work collaboratively to address the many challenges ahead.

Please take a moment of your time to learn more about UCF Coastal and their important mission here. Together, we hope we can lead a world-class effort to assess natural and human-related impacts to the health, restoration and sustainability of our coastal waters.